Rad A. Drew Photography: Webinar: iPhone as a Creative Tool!

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Webinar: iPhone as a Creative Tool!

 May 10, 2023

iPhone 14 Pro Max, SnapSeed, Distressed FX Plus

You're Invited!

Club Camera Tucson has invited photographer, Rad Drew, to present the Zoom webinar, How I Did It!™ Your iPhone as a Creative Tool and has opened the webinar to everyone.

Today’s iPhones are not only with us all the time, but the camera technology has become so advanced that we are able to make images with them today that previously could only be done with a “big” camera.

iPhone 14 Pro Max, Portrait Mode, SnapSeed

If you've missed this presentation in the past or are in need of a refresher, this is your chance! 


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Join Rad as he shares the ways he uses iPhone cameras and apps to create beautiful landscapes, portraits, abstracts and more!

iPhone 14 Pro Max, SnapSeed


Who: Rad A. Drew, presenter

Sponsors: Club Camera Tuscon

WhatHow I Did It!™; Your iPhone as a Creative Tool!

When: Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Time: 9:30pm EST

(This is offered at this time because we're anticipating a large number of participants from Arizona! I know it's late for east coasters, but remember, it is recorded for later viewing!)

Who: Primarily, iPhone Photographers. Android photographers are welcome with the understanding that Rad will be demonstrating using an iPhone 14 Pro Max and some but not all apps covered work on the android phone

Cost: $20 

Yes! It will be recorded! 

All who register will receive a link to a PDF of the presentation slides and a link to the recording viewable through the end of 2023.


Register Here


iPhone 14 Pro Max, SnapSeed

In this webinar you will learn: 
  • Composition guidelines to consider when framing your images

  • How to set the appropriate camera settings including HDR, Smart HDR, and ProRAW

  • The basics Do’s and Don’t’s when using the Native Camera

  • How to use LIVE mode, Portrait Mode, Burst Mode, and Panorama in the iPhone Native Camera.

  • How to create “soft water” images of fountains, streams, and waterfalls without a tripod or neutral density filters.

  • A simple workflow for processing RAW files using Apple’s iOS editor (the editor in the camera roll).

  • How to remove unwanted elements in your image such as telephone wires or photo bombers

  • A SnapSeed workflow for processing images on iPhone and Android
Apps to download before the webinar:
Questions? Email Rad Here!

iPhone 12 Pro Max, Portrait Mode, SnapSeed

I hope to see you May 10!

iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pro RAW, 77mm camera
Processed in Lightroom Mobile
Stylized in SnapSeed and Distressed FX

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