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Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Power of Topaz Gigapixel AI Enhanced and On Sale Now

Old Sign on the wall of a restaurant in Cuba, Enlarged Six Times with Gigapixel AI
Gigapixel AI by Topaz Labs is one of those tools that I wouldn't have believed possible a few years ago but that I'd find difficult to live without today! 

Read on to learn more about Gigapixel AI, the current sale, and how to get an additional 15% off today's sale price!

This Gasoline Sinclair sign in a restaurant in Havana caught my eye last February. I photographed it with my iPhone 11 Pro Max, producing a jpg file with these dimensions: 4032x3024, or about 12mp. 

This is a decent size file for printing easily with integrity at the maximum size of my Epson 3880 printer which produces a 17x22 inch print. It even prints with integrity at twice that size, but if you wanted to go any larger, the image would begin to degrade and you'd have pixelation and a poor quality print.

That's where Gigapixel AI comes in! 

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, Gigapixel AI "imagines" what should go in the areas of an image where there are pixel gaps as the image is enlarged. After training by examining millions of images, the software has "learned" what different elements look like and can replace them in the image with a remarkably accurate result.

The image below is a screen shot of the new Gigapixel AI interface. What we're seeing in the image area is the original image on the left and a preview of the image enlarged by six times on the right. 

At first glance, this may not appear to be a very dramatic example. But, think a minute about what you're looking at. 

The original image on the left is 4032x3024 pixels, or a roughly 12 mp image, while the preview image on the right has been enlarged six times to 24,192x18,144 pixels, or a whopping 439mp!

The Gigapixel AI Interface with Control Panel on the far right
and side-by-side of the original and preview on the screen area.

But here's the kicker. Look at the two images. The one in the right that is six times larger looks as good as the smaller original on the left! 

Aside from the obvious ability to make a larger print, here are some of the other uses of Gigapixel AI:

  • Create larger prints made with cameras from several years ago when sensors were smaller and produced smaller images.
  • Take a small section of an image and enlarge just that small section with integrity.
  • Print mobile phone images at much larger sizes with integrity
This latest update of AI Gigapixel includes:
  • A model improvement for better results
  • A new single-image preview view
  • New Zoom options, and
  • The new "man-made" mode to better enhance the details in cityscapes, typography, and other images with clear outlines and sharp edges.

The new Gigapixel Control Panel

About the Current Update and Sale Pricing

If you already own Gigapixel AI, this is a FREE UPDATE. Simply visit www.topazlabs.com/downloads and download the update from there.

If you would like to add Gigapixel AI to your tool kit, it's on sale through July 7 for $79.99 (regularly $99.99) and down to $67.99 when you use my link and 15% off discount code.

Follow this link: https://topazlabs.com/ref/8/
Use code RAD15 at checkout

Gigapixel AI is also available in the Utility Bundle, on sale for $195 (regularly $249.99) or down to $165.75 when you use my BUNDLE LINK and code:

Follow this link: https://topazlabs.com/ai-bundle/ref/8/
Use code RAD15 at checkout

If you purchase the bundle, but have previously purchased other items in the bundle, your purchase will be adjusted so you're not paying again for what you already own.

Thanks for reading about Gigapixel AI. It's an awesome tool if for enlarging your images! I hope you can take advantage of the sale prices and my 15% discount!

Until next time, keep on learning and creating!