Rad A. Drew Photography: May 2012

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Check out the work of the late street photographer, Vivian Maier

When this story broke about Photographer Vivian Maier in 2007, it seemed impossible. The work -- over 100,000 images -- of an unknown, deceased photographer is discovered at an auction house in Chicago. Incredible.

Last summer, I went to Chicago to see an exhibit of some of these images that were prepared for showing at that time and was blown away.

Since then, more of Maier's work has been made available and some now is on-line. 

This is the official site dedicated to her remarkable story and body of extraordinary street photography. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Check out the site, HealingImages.org.

Dewitt Jones has assembled an extraordinary group of photographers dedicated to filling healing institutions --
hospitals, clinics, hospice units, and skilled nursing facilities -- with healing photographic art. 

And here's the kicker...for the cost of making the prints (click here for all the details)!!