Rad A. Drew Photography: July 2011

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Images accepted in the Juried Phone-o-graphic Arts Exhibit

Check out the slide show for the juried Phone-o-graphics Arts exhibit in Essex Junction, Vermont. Two of my images were accepted and I was able to attend the Artists Closing Reception and meet juror and master photographer (and iPhoneographer!), Dan Burkholder.

Later that trip I visited Dan's home, saw his fantastic studio and met his delightful wife, Jill Skupin Burkholder, who is a talented artist/photographer in her own right. What fun to meet these great folks and see this beautiful country!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

iPhoneography Basics Workshop

with iPhoneographer Rad A. Drew

Fountain Square Street Scene processed on iPhone4 with BracketMode, AutoStitch, PhotoForge, PhotoShop Express, and Pic Grunger

Join iPhoneographer Rad A. Drew for a day of instruction and practice in using your iPhone to shoot and process images like you've never done before!


The Possibilities
We'll explore iPhone images to show some of what is possible with the iPhone.  You'll see images that will make you question in disbelief, "Are you SURE that was done with an iPhone?!"

The Camera Applications
We'll examine camera applications that allow you to take a variety of different types of images and improve the quality of your photographs. For example, you'll learn to take High Dynamic Range (HDR) images which capture the range of light and dark that we see with our eyes, leading to greatly improved images from an exposure standpoint.

Applying Filters
Use applications to enhance your images to achieve your unique vision. We'll explore applications that will allow you to "grunge" and age your images, apply painterly effects, and add vignette's and borders.

Blending and Stitching Images
The real excitement comes from combining one or more images to create extraordinary effects. You'll learn which apps are best for blending and how to stitch multiple images into fantastic panoramas that incorporate HDR. You'll learn three different methods for creating stunning multiple-shot HDR images.

Basic Tips and Tricks
The workshop will be filled with tips and tricks that include the following:
  1. What apps and equipment do I need?
  2. How do I organize my applications?
  3. How do I maximize my iPhone's performance?
  4. How can I extend my iPhone's shooting time?
  5. How do I ensure the best possible resolution for my images?
  6. How do I transfer images from the iPhone to my computer or iPad?
    Continued Learning
    Because of the rapid evolution of this exciting technology, keeping up can be a challenge. You'll get answers to the following questions:
    • Where can I see other iPhoneographer's work?
    • Who are some good teachers for advanced learning?
    • What sites are best for keeping up with the new apps?
    • Who are some of the leading iPhoneographers today?
      • Be familiar with your iPhone and its basic functionality.
      • Have a willingness to purchase apps.
      • Know how to download apps from the App store.
      • Have your current App Store account set up correctly (You know you're going to want to download new apps!)
        What Should You Bring?
        Bring your iPhone (and iPad if you have one.)
        Be sure your phone is charged. Access to power for recharding may be limited.
        Bring a notebook or other means of taking notes.

        Special Thanks
        Thanks to Gerry and Kathy Abel for their generosity in hosting the workshop in the beautiful Bass Photo studio!


        While shooting the exterior of the beautiful Holy Rosary Catholic Church, I noticed that the door to the sanctuary was open and went in. I met the choir director who invited me to shoot in the sanctuary and then told me that the choir would be practicing in about 10 minutes. For the next hour, I photographed this beautiful sanctuary while having a private heavenly concert. Beautiful!

        Wednesday, July 27, 2011

        European Weeping Beech

        I shot this European Weeping Beech tree in one of my favorite haunts: Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

        Temperatures rose after a snowfall and the resulting fog helped create this haunting image.

        This shot was taken using the Hipstamatic app. Little post processing was required, but I did use Touch/Retouch to remove a road marker from the foreground.