Rad A. Drew Photography: December 2020

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Monday, December 21, 2020

Use FlyPaper Textures to Add Mood, Tone, and Ambiance to Your Images!


FlyPaper Muscatel texture from the Texture Panel Selection Pack, 
added on the iPhone with Image Blender

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Textures are a great way to add mood, tone, and ambiance to your images. They can be used with iPhone images and applied with iPhone apps like SnapSeed, Image Blender, and Distressed FX Plus, or with big camera images and desktop software like Topaz Studio 2. 

On Your Phone

To make FlyPaper textures available for use with apps on the iPhone, here's what I do:

  1. Purchase and download the FlyPaper Texture Pack to the Mac. 
  2. On your iPhone, create an album and name it with the name of the Texture Pack or another name that you'll recognize. Mine is simply Textures
  3. Select the texture files on your computer and use Air Drop to transfer them to your iPhone. 
  4. Once they are in your camera roll, select the texture files and move them to the new album.
Now, when you want to add a texture in SnapSeed, Distressed FX Plus or Image Blender, you'll have access to your textures!

(Note: Android users can use the app PhotoSync to transfer Flypaper texture files to an album on your phone.)

From the Flypaper August Painterly Classic Grunge Collection, 
added on the iPhone with Image Blender

See my How I Did It!™ video, Creating Mood with LensLight, Distressed FX Plus, and FlyPaper Textures.

With Topaz Studio 2

You can also add Flypaper Textures to images using Topaz Studio 2. 

From the Flypaper Tex Box 11 Classic Grunge Collection,
added in Topaz Studio 2

Here's how I make Flypaper Textures available in Studio 2:

  1. Purchase and download the FlyPaper Texture Pack to your computer.
  2. Open Studio 2 and add an image into the workspace.
  3. In Studio 2's right panel, open the Texture Adjustment and click on the circled icon shown below. 

  4. Next, click Add Category (below) and name a new category, then click Import Texture. Navigate to and select the textures you want to add.

Now these textures will be available in the list of textures when you open Studio 2's Texture Adjustment.

Flypaper Texture from the Tex Box 1 Classic Grunge Collection

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