Rad A. Drew Photography: 2012

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Halloween iPhoneography Basics Workshop

with iPhoneographer Rad A. Drew

Celebrate Halloween by joining photographer Rad A. Drew for a day of instruction and practice in using your iPhone to shoot and process images like you've never done before! 

Prizes for those who come in costume!

Alas, Poor Yorick! Shot with the iPhone 4s at Fonthill Castle, Doyleston, PA
This workshop has been updated to reflect new applications and processes introduced in recent months, including the incredible new camera app, 645 Pro. Even if you participated in this workshop before, you'll find new information and techniques shared this time around. I hope you'll join us for another full day of learning and spooky fun! --Rad

Workshop Fee


The Possibilities
We'll explore iPhone images to show what is possible with the iPhone and available apps.  You'll see (and soon be creating!) images that will make you question in disbelief, "Are you SURE that was done with an iPhone?!"

The Camera Applications
We'll examine camera applications that allow you to take a variety of different types of images and improve the quality of your photographs. For example, you'll learn to take High Dynamic Range (HDR) images which capture the range of light and dark that we see with our eyes, leading to greatly improved images from an exposure standpoint.

Applying Filters
Use applications to enhance your images to achieve your unique vision. We'll explore applications that will allow you to "grunge" and age your images, apply painterly effects, and add vignette's and borders.

Blending and Stitching Images
The real excitement comes from combining one or more images to create extraordinary effects. You'll learn which apps are best for blending and how to stitch multiple images into fantastic panoramas that incorporate HDR. You'll learn three different methods for creating stunning multiple-shot HDR images.
Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, Shot with iP4s and processed with assorted apps.
Basic Tips and Tricks
The workshop will be filled with tips and tricks that include the following:
  1. What apps and equipment do I need?
  2. How do I organize my applications?
  3. How do I maximize my iPhone's performance?
  4. How can I extend my iPhone's shooting time?
  5. How do I ensure the best possible resolution for my images?
  6. How do I transfer images from the iPhone to my computer or iPad?
Continued Learning
Because of the rapid evolution of this exciting technology, keeping up can be a challenge. You'll get answers to the following questions:
  • Where can I see other iPhoneographer's work?
  • Who are some good teachers for advanced learning?
  • What sites are best for keeping up with the new apps?
  • Who are some of the leading iPhoneographers today?
  • Be familiar with your iPhone and its basic functionality.
  • Have a willingness to purchase apps.
  • Know how to download apps from the App store.
  • Have your current App Store account set up correctly (You know you're going to want to download new apps!)
What Should You Bring?
Bring your iPhone (and iPad if you have one.)
Be sure your phone is charged. Access to power for recharding may be limited.
Bring a notebook or other means of taking notes.
Yellow Room, Fonthill Castle, multiple images shot with iP4s and stitched to create a vertical and horizontal panorama
Special Thanks

Thanks to Gerry and Kathy Abel for their generosity in hosting the workshop in the beautiful Bass Photo studio!

$120 (lunch included)
Repeat Offenders
$75 (previously attended workshop with Rad)
Saturday, October 27
9am to 4:30pm
Bass Photo Studio
308 South New Jersey Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-3795

Workshop Fee

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Exhibit Schedule

The summer is off to a good start, beginning with a glorious trip to Philadelphia for four days of non-stop shooting with photo friends there.

Here's one of my favorite shots -- and there are many! -- from this trip. Lamp was shot at the Fonthill Castle in Doylestown, PA. Although this is an iPhone image, another notable detail from this trip is that I also shot some with my Nikon! I even remember how!

More about the Philly trip in another post!

This post is to let you know that I have a very active exhibition schedule this summer. I hope I'll see you at these venue's! Opening Event information will follow. Here's the agenda:
  • Art Bank Gallery on Mass Ave  
    now through the summer
  • Jacquie's Cafe, 9840 North Michigan Road, Carmel, IN 46032
    June 10 through July
  • Hoaglin's Cafe, 448 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204
    June 18 through July
  •  Columbia Club, Moment Circle,
    July 9 till ?; Opening event Wednesday, July 11, 6 - 8pm
  • Jackamo's Upper Crust Pizza in Irvington
    5646 E Washington St

    June 17 till ?
I am currently printing and framing lots of new work and am looking forward to getting it out there! Here's another piece that I'll be hanging at Hoaglin's on June 18.Oaks and Stars was shot last year at McClouds Nature Park in Henricks County so it's not new, but I'll be presenting it at 16x11 for the first time.

And, I've decided to share some of my more idiosyncratic creations. Long Ago and Far Away was shot from the plane (and processed!) on the way into Philadelphia.

Here's wishing you a glorious summer. See you around!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Check out the work of the late street photographer, Vivian Maier

When this story broke about Photographer Vivian Maier in 2007, it seemed impossible. The work -- over 100,000 images -- of an unknown, deceased photographer is discovered at an auction house in Chicago. Incredible.

Last summer, I went to Chicago to see an exhibit of some of these images that were prepared for showing at that time and was blown away.

Since then, more of Maier's work has been made available and some now is on-line. 

This is the official site dedicated to her remarkable story and body of extraordinary street photography. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Check out the site, HealingImages.org.

Dewitt Jones has assembled an extraordinary group of photographers dedicated to filling healing institutions --
hospitals, clinics, hospice units, and skilled nursing facilities -- with healing photographic art. 

And here's the kicker...for the cost of making the prints (click here for all the details)!!