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Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Saturday, August 15, 2020

How I Did It!™: Display Your iPhone on Your Mac's Monitor

SnapSeed on iPhone 11 Pro Max Displayed on iMac monitor

For years, I’ve been able to see just fine to edit images on my iPhone. 

Lately, though, I find that it’s getting harder and harder to see what the heck is going on on the smaller screen!

Here are a couple of things you could do to help with that:

  • Eat more carrots!
  • Get a pair of # 2 readers from your local pharmacy!
  • Get a new glasses prescription for bi- or trifocals
  • Do your editing on an iPad, 


  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac and view your images on the larger computer screen!

These can all work but the last option on the list is one that I’ve been using more and more these days, especially if I’m already parked and working at the desktop computer. 

Here’s how:

  1. Use your iPhone’s charging cable and plug into a USB port on your Mac.

  2. Make sure you're logged into your iPhone and that it's turned on and not asleep.

  3. Launch QuickTime Player. (This is standard Mac software that you’ll find in your Mac’s application folder.)

    The icon looks like this: 

  4. Select New Movie Recording from the Quicktime Player’s Edit Menu

  5. After launching New Movie Recording, you’ll see this record panel:

  6. Click the down arrow next to the red dot and make the following menu selections.

You’ll now see your iPhone screen displayed on your computer screen. 

Tips and Troubleshooting

To see just the iPhone full screen, make sure QuickTime is the active app, then select Enter Full Screen from the View menu:

Don't see your iPhone displayed on your computer screen? Make sure it hasn’t gone to sleep. It must be on and “awake” to be displayed.

Sometimes I’ll display my iPhone’s screen on the desktop while I’m editing, or, I’ll do my editing and then take a quick peek at the image on screen to make sure it looks right before posting to social medial.

That’s it! 

Have fun.

Be Safe.

Stay well!

– Rad