Rad A. Drew Photography: Support for Cuban Tornado Victims

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Support for Cuban Tornado Victims

On January 30, the day before I left to lead my most recent photo workshop in Cuba, a residential area on the edge of Havana was struck by a rare and powerful tornado that destroyed neighborhoods, injured more than 170, and killed three.

When I arrived, I learned that Ramses Batista, my co-leader on this trip, Roxana, our agent on the ground in Havana, and Jaimie, our guide from our last trip, were all safe in spite of being in the vicinity of the tornado. Fortunately none of our friends were injured or lost their homes, but all had loss of power and water for several days, and traffic and transportation disruptions in the neighborhoods persist as clean up efforts continue. 

Devastation is shown in Ramses Images

Others in nearby neighborhoods didn’t fare as well. Ramses photographed the aftermath and his images posted here show the degree of the devastation. 

Help for those in Need

People throughout Havana are doing what they can to provide water, food, shelter, and clothing to those who need it. Efforts are underway to provide needed supplies for those who have lost their homes. 

Purchase Prints or Donate 

Ramsés is donating proceeds from the sales of his work throughout February to support relief for the families affected by the tornado. For information on purchasing Ramsés work, email me here

I’ll also be offering three signed prints (below) from my recent trip to Cuba, and will donate February sales of these prints to this cause.

The prints are available printed with archival inks as large as possible on 17x22 inch Museo Silver Rag archival paper. Each print is $275 plus $8 shipping. All print purchases during February will go to the tornado relief efforts.

Tobacco Harvest in Vinales

Tobacco Farmer along the Road to Vinales

Yank Tank in Old Havana

Flowers for a Loved One?

Email me here to order prints. Indicate the print you'd like and provide your shipping address. You may send a check to:

Rad Drew Photography
814 North Bolton AV
Indianapolis, IN 46219


Email me to request my email for sending payments or donations via PayPal. (I don't put my email here because it gets picked up by spammers.) 


Unfortunately, I am not operating as a non-profit (yet; I’m working on that!) so I can’t provide the documentation you might otherwise use to claim your donation as a tax deduction.

If you would like to make a donation, I am going back in March and will bring what I can.

Bulky items like food and clothing are not practical for me to carry because of baggage limitations and the high cost for extra bags.

Cash donations will be given directly to the grass roots group in Cuba that Ramsés has identified as being the most trustworthy to see that aid gets to the intended recipients. 

If you'd prefer to send a check, you can mail it to:

Rad Drew Photography
814 North Bolton AV
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Used Cell Phones
Used cell phones are also in great demand. If you have an old cell phone gathering dust, you can mail it to me at:

Rad Drew Photography
814 North Bolton AV
Indianapolis, IN 46219

I will see that phones get into the hands of those who can make them work in Cuba, and get them to those who can use them most.

When I return to Cuba in March, I will carry as much as allowed and I can afford. What I can’t take in March, I will take when I go again in November.

Thanks for your support!