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Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Accessories for iPhone infrared Photography

iPhone 15 Pro Max, Moment Filter Mount, 720nm IR Filter

Since starting to make iPhone infrared photos about three years ago, I’ve gotten lots of questions about the best accessories for attaching an IR filter to the iPhone.

Over the years we’ve tried many different methods and adapted as iPhones changed. 
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Here is the best option I’ve found to date. I found this method with the iPhone 12 and have used the same device with every iPhone since. 

Here’s why I think it’s best:

  1. This filter mount fits all the iPhones I’ve tried it on and some androids. 
  2. It fits over most cases so you can usually continue to use it with your favorite case.
  3. It is secure so you’re not likely to bump it off which can happen with some clip-ons. 
  4. Its size is 67mm, but if you already have a 52mm IR filter, you don’t need to buy a 67mm filter. Instead, get an inexpensive step-down ring so you can use the filter you have.
  5. If you’re buying a filter for the first time, you can usually find one at your favorite camera store, or on line. There are many different makers and quality varies as do your results. I’ve used Hoya, Neewer, and one from Spencer’s Camera. 

Below are links to these accessories. 


* Moment 67mm Phone Filter Mount



Look for Neewer, Hoya, or Spencer’s.  Prices vary. 

The one I use the most is this one from Spencer’s Camera.

On-Lens IR Filter - Standard Color IR (720nm).


I have both the 67mm filter, and the 52mm with a stepdown ring. 

Hunt's Photo and Video has offered me this link with a 15% discount on their IR filters. 



You can find a 67-52 mm stepdown ring from your favorite camera store. Here’s one I use.

Sensei PRO 67-52mm Aluminum Step-Down Ring



This mounting system doesn’t require a specific case. Usually, unless your case has protruding features like a wallet or lens protection, this filter mount will fit. 

We all have a favorite case. Mine is Apple’s silicone case.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe 


To learn more about iPhone Infrared, see my 90-minute tutorial, How I Did It!™; Create Infrared Photos with Your iPhone.

You can also visit or join our Facebook Group, Open Group! Infrared on the iPhone.

iPhone 12 Pro Max, Moment Filter Mount, 720nm IR Filter