Rad A. Drew Photography: Fine Art Photos by Peggy Jansson to Benefit Friends in Cuba!

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Fine Art Photos by Peggy Jansson to Benefit Friends in Cuba!


Vegetable Merchant, Havana

Photographer Peggy Jansson has traveled the world making wonderful images, none more beautiful than her photographs from Cuba. 

Peggy made her first trip to Cuba in 2014, and then made two trips in 2019 and 2020 with Rad Drew Photography, LLC, and Cuban Photographer, Ramses Batista, to photograph dancers from the Cuban National Ballet, and the Afro-Cuban, Contemporary, and Flamenco traditions.

Photography, Peggy Jansson

Peggy's images from Cuba currently are being exhibited at TASTE in San Luis Obispo, California, and all photos are for sale, with proceeds going to benefit our Cuban friends. TASTE is taking no commission!

The show runs from October 12 through January 11, 2022.

Click here to see a video 

of Peggy's images currently on exhibit. 

Flamenco Dancers in Havana

If you have an interest in purchasing one of Peggy's images, you can contact her here or email me (HERE) and I'll serve as intermediary. 

All monies generated from the sale of Peggy's work will be donated to support our Cuban friends.

Like many of us who have traveled to Cuba, Peggy has fallen in love with the country and her people.

Dancer with the Cuban National Ballet

Our Cuban friends have suffered terribly from the loss of tourism due to the pandemic and have faced other challenges in the past two years as the Cuban government has made changes in currency that have left many Cubans struggling to feed their families and afford basic necessities. 

Contemporary Dancers at Ruins Near Havana

About Peggy Jansson

      Peggy Jansson

I always loved photography starting in the darkroom in 1979 with the 

magic that happened when the photo paper was dropped into the chemicals. Travel photography is my passion being able to respond to various shooting environments to create unique and compelling images. I strive to capture a depth of feeling about a location through street, people, landscapes and cityscapes photography. My goal is to create unique storytelling imagery through techniques in-camera and through post-processing. 

My last journey was to Havana Cuba in March of 2020 capturing the talented dancers of Cuba including the ballerina’s of the National Cuban Ballet Company, Contemporary, Afro-Cuban and Flamenco dancers in various locations throughout Havana including the roof of Alicia Alfonso Theatre, El Moro Castle, an old Coffee Plantation, and Jossie’s Alonso Mansion in the Vedado district of Havana. With the outbreak of Covid19 around the World Cuba has been hit extremely hard with the lack of tourism plus the embargo between Cuba and the US has left its citizens with no income, no food, no medicine and a high rate of death from the virus. Since July of 2020 I have been sending monies to Cuba to help many of the wonderful people I have met during my three visits to Havana. Sales from this show at “Taste” will be donated to my Cuban friends.

Please follow my travels through my photography at my YouTube channel @ Peggy Jansson or contact me at peggyjansson49@gmail.com

Editor's Note

           Rad Drew

My first trip to Cuba was in 2012 and since falling in love on that first trip, I've led photography workshops two to three times each year (with the exception of 2021!). 

Today, it is one of my favorite photo destinations and I have friends there who have become family. My last three trips leading photography workshops were in January and February of 2020, just before the pandemic shut down world travel. 

We plan to resume leading groups to photograph in Cuba as soon as it's safe for all. I am in constant contact with friends there and am eagerly monitoring the pandemic as well as the political climate and will return as soon as possible!

If you have an interest in being notified about upcoming photography trips to Cuba, please subscribe to my monthly newsletter, or email me here to be added to the early notification list for our next trips to Cuba.

I hope you'll consider one of Peggy's images, but if you don't make a purchase, there are other ways to contribute and help ease the suffering of our Cuban friends. Email me here for details