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Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Saturday, December 21, 2019

It’s a Small, Sometimes Random, World!

Last June I traveled to the Calabria region of Italy — the toe of the boot — for the first time to scout for a photo tour that I’m leading there in the fall of 2020. A local friend showed me around and I made this photo of the Santa Maria dell’Isola Monastery, an icon of the small city of Tropea, Italy.

Santa Maria dell'isola Monastery, Tropea, Italy
(Stay with me... this is where this story takes a turn!)

Fast forward to last week when I was on another photo adventure in my home state of Indiana. My friend, fellow photographer, Sally Meyer Wolf, and I, were doing what we love: driving country roads in rural Indiana looking for photogenic barns, scenic landscapes, and old towns. 

We stopped at Dawn’s Diner in tiny Coatesville, Indiana, population 546. 

Dawn's Diner, Coatesville, Indiana

We learned from the owners that Dawn’s Diner is in what used to be a bank. 

“Check out the bathroom,” said our waitress. “It used to be the bank vault.”

Dutifully, I did check it out and sure enough, the thick vault was visible in the entryway. “Cool,” I thought. 

The walls on either side of the entry are part of the thick metal vault.
The bathroom itself was roomy, clean, homey, and nicely decorated with paintings of far away beaches and other pleasant scenes. 

I was washing my hands and admiring the art when it hit me.

There on the wall, the largest picture in the room, was a painting of the Santa Maria dell’Isola Monastery, of Tropea, Italy, very similar to the image I made a few months earlier in a place 5,141 miles away!

Painting on the Wall of Dawn's Diner in Coatesville, Indiana

I don’t know about you, but I find that extraordinary.

Happy Holidays everyone. May the season be filled with intrigue, and especially the joy of family and friends!