Rad A. Drew Photography: 7th Annual Mobile Photography Awards

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Monday, February 5, 2018

7th Annual Mobile Photography Awards

Winners and Honorable Mentions


To be inspired by the work of others is one of the joys of photography, and there is no better source of inspiration than the Mobile Photography Award’s collection of work across 19 categories chosen from the submissions of thousands of artists from around the world. It’s thrilling and fascinating to explore this exceptional body of work, and to experience so many diverse perspectives of the world in which we live.
"With the MPA ... phone photos 
reach fine art proportions" 
– San Francisco Guardian

Special thanks to MPA founder, Daniel Berman, for his vision, and thanks to the diverse world-class panel of jurors he assembles each year to judge the MPA! 

Here's the link to next year’s 8th Annual Mobile Photography Awards! It's not too early to start creating your images for next year!

I encourage everyone to view all the winners and honorable mentions, but there are some photographers I’d like to call out, either because they are personal friends, or because their work has been featured in the MPA for many years, or both. Here’s a short list with links to their Facebook pages; it is by no means all-inclusive! I hope you’ll take time to enjoy the wide-ranging work of this talented group.

In addition to these artists associated with the MPA, there are also many others; some are household names in Mobile Photography, while others are emerging, talented artists whose stunning work is gracing the MPA for the first time this year! I encourage you to view their work and discover them on your own. I’m confident you’ll find your own favorites, and I dare you to not be inspired!

In the 7 years that the Mobile Photography Awards competition has run, I’ve participated every year — except 2016 when I missed the deadline. That’s how much I love this competition! I’ve done better in the judging during some years than others, but I’ve always enjoyed participating and seeing the exhibition of truly amazing photography from around the world.

This year, six of my images across five categories were recognized as Honorable Mentions. (You can see them all here, on FB.) It’s truly an honor and quite humbling to be recognized in the company of such talented artists.

A hearty congratulations to all who participated in this year's MPA!