Rad A. Drew Photography: Photographing the Palouse!

Continental Divide at Dawn

Continental Divide at Dawn
Continental Divide at Dawn

Photographing the Palouse!

Wild Flowers, Wheat Field and Sky
© Rad A. Drew

Photography Tour with 
Sally Meyer Wolf and Rad A. Drew

August 24-29

For iPhone and Traditional Photographers

Whether in spring or fall, photographing the Palouse is a rare treat. If it was just the clouds and rolling fields, that might be enough. But add to that the contoured tapestry of yellow canola fields, brown fallow fields and green wheat blowing in the breeze and it will take your breath away! Throw in a red barn under a dramatic sky and call the paramedics! 

Collapsing Barn under Stormy Sky
© Rad A. Drew

By July/August, the wheat turns a deep golden yellow and harvest activities begin. You'll see some of the biggest farm equipment known to man move through huge fields as if doing a choreographed ballet. 

Texaco Station Replica
© Rad A. Drew

Our days will be spent photographing the landscape including beautiful barns, abandoned farms, windmills, farm equipment and retired work trucks, and other vehicles in various stages of decay. We'll catch at least one sunrise and one sunset from atop Steptoe Butte, a 3,612 feet high butte that towers over the surrounding countryside affording a birds-eye view of the fields below. It's an opportunity to use long lenses to capture stunning shots of the undulating landscape.

Palouse Farm from atop Steptoe Butte
© Rad A. Drew

The quality of the light is extraordinary and because it's ever-changing in the way it illuminates the landscape, it creates unique challenges for photographers. Chasing the light can be fun, but it's usually an act of futility; if you wait and watch, that great illumination will eventually return to grace your viewfinder again.

Country Churchyard
© Rad A. Drew
We'll stop in small towns for lunch and breaks, and have the chance to do some street photography, western style. You'll find your share of Norman Rockwell moments, like this image of a barber shop in Colfax, WA.

Hair Cut, Colfax, WA
© Rad A. Drew


You'll benefit from the experience of award winning photographers, Sally Wolf and Rad Drew. Sally shoots with DSLR cameras and the iPhone, and will be a valuable resource to those shooting with both traditional and iPhone cameras. Rad shoots with DSLR and Fuji mirror-less cameras, but is known mostly for his experience with iPhone cameras. Rad will emphasize iPhone shooting on this trip. Between the two of them, Sally and Rad have you covered! They will be there to coach you and guide you in capturing the best images possible for the day and conditions, regardless of the equipment you’re using. 

Wheat, Canola, and Red Barn
© Rad A. Drew
More information about what equipment to bring, what iPhone apps and accessories you'll want to have, along with an agenda, will be provided to those who register.

White Fence in Green
© Rad A. Drew

About the Instructors

Sally and Rad have been friends for a couple of years, shooting together throughout Indiana, as well as shooting on their own in locations around the world. Together they possess 50 years of photography experience with a variety of cameras shooting all types of images from portraits to architecture to landscapes to still life. As a team they compliment each other’s skills in ways that are a huge benefit to participants. Whatever you’re shooting with, they’ve got you covered!

Sally Wolf
Sally Wolf is a seasoned veteran of many types of photography and graphic arts experience. She holds a B.S. in Art Education from Indiana University and taught art in the public schools before working in her family’s corporate audiovisual business. There, Sally applied her graphics and photography talents to meet the needs of commercial and industrial clients. Since 2000, Sally has photographed weddings, and shot portrait sessions and commercial photography. Today she works in the studio that she officially opened in 2010 in Arcadia, Indiana. Sally has won numerous photographic awards including the Indiana State Fair, Lafayette Art Museum, Anderson Center for the Arts, Honeywell Clark Gallery, and Kokomo Art Association.  She’s been named Photographer of the Year by the Photo Venture Camera Club three times and is also a member of Hamilton County Photo Club.    

Rad A. Drew
Rad A. Drew is a professional photographer who lives with his wife in historic Irvington, Indiana, on the east side of Indianapolis.
Although a traditional camera photographer much of his life, in recent years he's become an iPhone photography enthusiast. His creative iPhone images have received numerous awards and have made their way into galleries and juried international competitions showing in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Toronto, Collingwood, Seattle, and Melbourne. He is author of the fine art books, In Good Light, Images of the Circle City and Rural Indiana, A Beauty all its Own, and is a contributor to today’s most comprehensive volume of iPhone instruction, The Art of iPhone Photography: Creating Great Photos and Art on Your iPhone.
He teaches mobile photography around the country to individuals, corporations, and professional organizations. His destination tours are great ways to learn while photographing beautiful areas of the world. For more information contact Rad directly or visit his web site, www.RadDrewPhotography.com.

Trip Synopsis 

Participants will do best flying into Spokane, Washington, and driving the 59 miles to Colfax. Monday will be a day for everyone to arrive. We'll kick things off with a meet and greet session at 5:30 PM at the Wheatland Best Western, then spend Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday photographing area sites. Our trip will conclude on Saturday with a sunrise shoot followed by brunch. Additional information will be provided to each person after registration. 

Accommodations and Ground Transportation

Each participant is responsible for meals, hotel, and air and ground transportation. We'll stay at the Wheatland Inn Best Western in Colfax at the discounted rate of $101.99 for a single room. More information about hotel reservations will be provided after registration, and the participant list will be shared (if authorized) so that participants can discuss ride and/or room sharing.

Fees and Registration

The cost of this photo tour is $1,150 per person. A $500 deposit via Paypal will hold your spot, with the balance due 30 days before the event.

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